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Suburban Heat – Free eBook Chapters…

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Suburban Heat – Free eBook Chapters…

Have you picked up your FREE COPY of “Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire” Chapter’s yet?

Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire – Book 1, is the Adult Erotic Political thriller from the imaginative mind of MKDS that will “Kick 50 Shades Out Of Safe Sex” this year on its December 2014 release. Already on 1 million Readers’ lips, and become embroiled in controversy from both Australia and Holland for its graphic sexual detail, the Chapter’s continue to build into a Limited Edition Ebook of just 12 Chapters – 13 Chapters will be found in the Paperback Release.

Suburban Heat - Rise Of An Empire 1

Have you Read the FREE Chapters Online?

Suburban Heat Chapter’s 1 – 6 are now available for FREE READ on “The Red Hive”, home of the Author’s “Information Hub”; many of the websites and Blogs that you visit holding MKDS originate from “The Red Hive”, and, oddly enough, the Blog you are on right now is a part of “The Red Hive International”. So, if you haven’t gave yourself, or your other half a treat of late, why not jump over and give “Suburban Heat: Rise Of An Empire” a try…If you like it – Rate, Comment and Subscribe, just as more than 68,000 others have done so far.

Chapter One – Free Read    <Chapter One>

Chapter Two – Free Read    <Chapter Two>

Chapter Three – Free Read <Chapter Three>

Chapter Four – Free Read   <Chapter Four>

Chapter Five – Free Read     <Chapter Five>

Chapter Six – Free Read        <Chapter Six>

Upon completion of “Book 1″, MKDS will be giving 100 Lucky Readers the chance of Winning the ‘Finished eBook’; Edited, Extended, Polished and more sexually charged than the “Raw Chapters” you are reading on the Internet. With Adult and Mature Content throughout, we hope that if you are under the age of 18+, that you will not venture into this reading or viewing this book. Thank You…


Chapter 1 to 4 Free Download <Deluxe Edition 1-4>

Chapter 5 – Free Download     <Chapter 5>

Chapter 6 – Free Download     <Chapter 6>

**Please Note: The Author has each Chapter so far up to Chapter 6 available as a “Kindle Ready” format. If you would like sending as a Kindle eBook in Chapter Form, then please email: and one will be sent out to your Inbox. Please enter in your email Subject bar: Suburban Heat Kindle Edition. Thank you.


Marcus Kasabian De Storm



The F Celebrity

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The F Celebrity – Or The Female Celebrity – is a collaberation of information and Pictures which celebrate the beauty of those female stars that men [and women] love to see.  Whether they’re on the big screen, small screen or obscurely settled on a far away cable channel somewhere, The Network has them all.

What Female Celebrity Offer’s:

Well, in a nutshell, The Female Celebrity offer’s the visitor to the BlogSite the many changing faces of the Starstream, or better known to us all as “Hollywood” and beyond.  Not only do we offer the megastars of yester-year, today and tomorrow, but also the rising stars of film, television and music.

As there is limited space within the BlogSite, we hope to post as many as we can, within reason and within the rules and regulations set down by WordPress, too.  So there will be no full nudity pictures uploaded, as we believe the somewhat provocative look of the stars is enough without going too far and unleashing something that may close the Blog down.

Who Can We Expect To See?

On The Network’s F. Celebrity you will see such stars as Sarah Michelle Geller, Michelle Trachtenberg, Charisma Carpenter, Mini Driver, Jennifer Aniston, Kiera Knightly, Lena Headey, Jennifer Ellison, Anna Friel, Anna Farris, Pixie Lott, Girls Aloud, The Sugar Babes & Holly Valance, to name but a few of the main Blog line up.

As well as these as individuals there will be the collectives:  Soap Calendar’s of beautiful actresses from such soaps as Coronation Street, Hollyoaks, Emmerdale, Eastenders, Sex & The City, Lost, Heroes and many more.

So, without any further delay, The MKDS Network is proud to present to you…The Female Celebrity.  Enjoy.