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Running from 2000 to Present on Yahoo Groups, The Network pitched the ever increasing beauty of Silver Screen Actresses. It also included some of the “Too Hot For TV” tabloid photo shoots that some people found both Offensive and Humiliating to Women across the Globe. In a nutshell, called simply “The Shark’s Female Celebrities Revealed“, it opened up the world of the “Female Celebrity” like no other.

In 2001, with the help of a very good friend “Robert Douglas”, the Yahoo Group went from strength to strength, or should I say, the Original Yahoo Group “White Shark’s Female Celebrities” went from strength to strength! With more than 250,00 members worldwide hitting the Group over the first 3 years, it was in 2004, that Yahoo “Accidentally” deleted the Group and gave a poor excuse on why. “3 reports of concern that some of the pictures The Network had uploaded were fake”, and that it was unfair to the “Victims” [Celebrities] that they should be treated this way.

Now, in 2010-2011, The Network is much stronger, though so is the Internetwork, too, with growing Conduits everywhere for those that have a voice to expand on their opinions. The Network/The White Shark, have not only surpassed their goals and dreams in so many ways, shapes and forms, but they have shown a “Draconian” minded organisation, that the world is a bigger place to operate in and as such, the needs of the people will be met by those that persevere.

Each page will contain the Character, the Character’s Biography and the Character’s many, many pictures throughout their Career. But, please, remember that this is a serious Blogsite and we do not post anything above modest, viable and tasteful nudity. For us, it is not what the Nudity can do for us, it is what the nudity did for the stars across our pages to get them where they are today – Stars of tomorrow and Iconic Symbols for History. And yes, we did say that as a quote.

We hope you enjoy our offerings and, that you will Rate, Comment and Subscribe to the Blog. If there are any Actresses that you feel we should include on here, then give us a shout and we will do our very best to oblige. Even if the Character’s or Actresses pictures are obscure, rare or even deleted, we will prevail and bring you something. Enjoy. 

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