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Lisa Falkner [Holby]

Once gracing our small screens on the cult TV Series “Holby City”, to many a drooling and disappointed male audience, Lisa Falkner now hopes to find an American entrance to continue her career. Enjoy.

Lisa Faulkner

Date of Birth

1973, England, UK 

Chris Coghill (April 2005 – present) 1 child


The death of her character Helen in “Spooks” (2002) caused many viewers to write in and complain about the disturbing nature and graphic nature of the scene. Her hand and then her face were pushed into a chip fryer full of boiling oil, and she was then shot, while her colleague was forced to watch.

Her wedding, at Richmond Park in Surrey, featured champagne and bangers and mash.

She and husband Chris have an adopted daughter Billie (born 2006).

Became pregnant by husband Chris Coghill early on in their marriage, but suffered an ectopic pregnancy. After three rounds of IVF treatment were unsuccessful they then made the decision to adopt.

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