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Alexandra Paul [Baywatch]

Okay, hands up all those that tuned in to watch this little Minx? Okay, that’s every red blooded male then. Enjoy.

Alexandra Paul


Date of Birth

29 July 1963, New York City, New York, USA



5′ 10″ (1.78 m)


Mini Biography

Alexandra Paul was modeling when she decided to forego college at Stanford University and pursue acting. The star of over 70 feature films and television programs, she can also be seen in the award-winning documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? (2006).

Internationally recognized for her 5-year starring role as “Lt. Stephanie Holden” in the hit series “Baywatch” (1989), Alexandra began her acting career in 1982, at age 18, starring in the highly-rated telefilm Paper Dolls (1982) (TV). She then began starring in studio flicks like Stephen King’s Christine (1983); American Flyers (1985) opposite Kevin Costner; 8 Million Ways to Die (1986) opposite Jeff Bridges and Andy Garcia; Dragnet (1987) opposite Tom Hanks and Dan Aykroyd, and Spy Hard (1996) with Leslie Nielsen.

Throughout the 1990s, Alexandra had regular roles in several television series: “Baywatch” (1989), Fire Co 132, Daytona Beach (pilot), and the last 8 episodes on “Melrose Place” (1992). She also filmed two movies in war-torn Croatia with Pierce Brosnan and did many independent films.

Since 2000, Alexandra has starred in 10 movies appearing on Lifetime. She has also played a lesbian 4 times, opportunities she appreciates since her identical twin sister is gay. In 2006, she shot 6 films, including Borat, and although her part was edited out, she remains in the DVD extras. Alexandra hosted the extreme sports series Wild Waters on the Outdoor Life Network; for 4 years, at the same time hosting the WE network series Winning Women for two seasons. She co-hosted 150 episodes of the environmental TV talk show Earth Talk Today through 2008.



Ian Murray      (16 September 2000 – present)




Completed Ironman Triathlon race in Hawaii. [1997]

Has an identical twin sister, Caroline Paul, author and San Francisco firefighter. Excerpts from her autobiography, “Fighting Fire”, were published in Reader’s Digest and Curve magazines.

Founded the Population Education Project in 1991, a program educating youths about the human population crisis. (1986) Founded Young Artists United, an organization of young people in the entertainment industry who wanted to be positive role models for American kids.

At her September 2000 wedding to Ian Murray, the couple sent their invitations out on hemp, the bride’s gown contained no silk, the food was meat-free, the couple made their own rings from panned-gold, and the guests were asked not to bring gifts to reduce consumption of natural resources. The bride and groom met 5 years earlier during a triathlon. Their honeymoon included an ocean swim and a Malibu triathlon the following day.

When she wed Ian Murray, her identical twin sister, Caroline Paul, and Ian’s brother Chris, performed the ceremony.

In an interview about Christine (1983) (the film in which she starred), she mentioned that she has been a vegetarian since she was 14.

Recipient of the ACLU’s 2005 Activist of the Year Award.

Attended prestigious Groton School, Groton, Massachusetts and graduated with honors.

Honoured by the United Nations Environmental Program in 1997 for her work on human population issues.

Recipient of Mikhail Gorbachev’s Global Green Environmental Leadership Award in 1999.

Speaks fluent French and has been registering voters once a week for 22 years. She protested against the war in Iraq every week from 2002-2008.

Alexandra is a permanent Canadian resident. She is able to work as a Canadian.

In 2009, Alexandra swam 11 miles from Denarau Island to Beachcomber Island in Fiji in 6 hours 56 minutes.

In 2006, Alexandra swam from Lanai to Maui in the 10 mile Maui Channel Swim.

In 2003, she spent 5 1/2 days in a Los Angeles jail after being arrested twice for protesting the Iraq War. She spent 3 days in jail in 1987 for protesting at the nuclear testing site near Beatty, Nevada. She has been arrested over 16 times for civil disobedience.

Alexandra is a vegan.


Personal Quotes

My character went through skin-cancer surgery, and when I woke up in the scene, I had full make-up on, glossy lips and mascara. I forgot about reality. I still cringe when I see that scene. – on memories of Baywatch

I can finish an Ironman, I can take 5 days in jail for civil disobedience, I can shoot in the toughest conditions imaginable, but I cannot seem to resist chocolate at 10pm.


Where Are They Now

(2008) Host of an infomercial for the “NuriSkin” natural skin care. Also appearing are Debby Boone, Ian Murray and Angie Everhart.

(November 2009) Shooting the movie The Boy She Met Online (2010) in Ottawa, Canada.

(February 2010) Alexandra is writing and producing a follow up to her 1999 educational film on materialism and the environment, The Cost of Cool (2001) (TV).

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