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Laura Mennell [Alphas]

One of the hottest actresses on Cult TV at the moment is Laura Mennell, the seriously Kick-Ass character that keeps Cameron Kicks in place, has become very sought after indeed. Here are a few pics that we got our hands on. Enjoy.

Laura Mennell

Date of Birth

18 April 1980, British Columbia, Canada



5′ 9″ (1.75 m)




Is cousins with Alan Young from the classic “Mister Ed” (1958) TV series.


Is a vegetarian.


Personal Quotes


(interview with PETA, 2011)I’m definitely an animal lover-and I stand up for all animals’ rights. Learning about factory farms and their horrendous treatment of animals is what made me become vegetarian in the first place. I also support the education of the public on adopting pets from animal shelters or saving homeless animals off the street in lieu of buying them from pet shops. Millions of animals are euthanized every year because shelters can’t find homes for them. Buying animals from pet stores also tends to support puppy and cat mills-many of which have deplorable conditions for animals, which shouldn’t be tolerated. Additionally, because of animal overpopulation in shelters, we must spay and neuter our pets-it’s another huge solution to this issue. The harming of animals for any reason is shameful, but torturing them for mere vanity is senseless. Slaughtering animals for their fur or harming them for cosmetic purposes is disgusting and not worth the perfect shade of lipstick.

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