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Carla Gugino [Watchmen]

Carla Gugino WatchmenCarla opened up our eyes in Watchmen The Movie, and even wider in her many other films since. With those deep “Come to bed” eyes, who can resist having a fantasy or two over her. Enjoy.

Carla Gugino


Date of Birth

29 August 1971, Sarasota, Florida, USA


Birth Name

Carla N. Gugino



5′ 5″ (1.65 m)


Mini Biography


Carla was born in Sarasota, Florida. Moved with her mother to Paradise, California, when Carla was just five years old. During her childhood, they moved many times within the state. But she remained a straight-A student throughout high school and graduated as valedictorian. A major modeling agency discovered Carla in San Diego and sent her to New York to begin a new career when she was 15. New York was more than she could handle at that young age, so she returned to LA in the summer, modeling and enrolling in an acting class at the suggestion of her aunt, Carol Merrill, known from “Let’s Make a Deal” (1963). During her free time, Carla enjoys yoga, traveling and spending time with her friends in Los Angeles.




Had a kidney operation when she was only 4 years old.

Niece of actress Carol Merrill.

Modeled for the prestigious Elite agency as a teenager but was considered too short for fashion runway work.

Has a butterfly tattoo on the inside of her left ankle.


Was her high school’s valedictorian.

Boyfriend is writer/director Sebastian Gutierrez, with whom she has worked on her TV series “Karen Sisco” (2003) and Rise (2007).

She turned down the role of Vin Diesel’s love interest in the box-office hit The Pacifier (2005) to take a small but unforgettably sexy role in Sin City (2005) because she had enjoyed working with director Robert Rodriguez in the three “Spy Kids” films.

Is of Italian, Irish, and English descent.

Is only seven years older than Malin Akerman who played her daughter in Watchmen (2009).

Starred in two films in March 2009 that were back to back openings and USA box office kings. Watchmen (2009) opened March 6th, 2009, and was the number one film of the weekend. Race to Witch Mountain (2009) opened March 13th, 2009, and was the number one film of that weekend.

Cousin of Hillary Safire.

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