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Jeri Ryan [Voyager]

Better loved for her part as Designated Matrix Zero-One aka 7 of 9, Jeri Ryan has had men and boys standing to attention at the best of times when stepping onto the bridge – or indeed into Astro-Matrix. Here are just a few pictures that were passed onto us by Je Teme Celebrite. Enjoy.

Jeri Ryan

Date of Birth

22 February 1968, Munich, Bavaria, Germany


Birth Name

Jeri Lynn Zimmerman



5′ 8″ (1.73 m)


Mini Biography


Jeri Lynn Zimmerman was born on February 22, 1968 in Munich, West Germany to Jeri and Sharon Zimmerman. She and her brother Mark grew up on several military bases, including Kansas, Maryland, Georgia and Texas. Finally, at the age of 11, her family settled down in Paducah, Kentucky. Later, after graduating from Lone Oak High School in 1986, she attended Northwestern University Chicago as a National Merit Scholar. While studying there, she won a number of beauty contests (a.o.- 6th annual Miss Northwestern Alpha Delta Phi Pageant in 1989).

With a BS in theatre, she came to Los Angeles and since then she has been on several TV series and films – including popular series like “Matlock” (1986), “Melrose Place” (1992), “Star Trek: Voyager” (1995) as well as “Dark Skies” (1996). Her television experience also includes roles in a variety of telefilms including Co-ed Call Girl (1996) (TV), Victim of Beauty (1991) (TV), NBC’s Ambush in Waco: In the Line of Duty (1993) (TV), “The Sentinel” (1996), The Last Man (2000), Men Cry Bullets (1998), Dracula 2001 (2000), Down with Love (2003). Jeri Ryan resides in an area of Los Angeles with her husband chef Christophe Eme, her son Alex and daughter Gisele.



Christophe Eme   (16 June 2007 – present) 1 child

Jack Ryan   (15 June 1991 – 27 August 1999) (divorced) 1 child


Trade Mark


Platinum blonde hair

Voluptuous figure

Sparkling blue eyes

Deep sultry voice




Son, with Jack Ryan, Alex Ryan 8-15-94.

Miss Illinois 1989

Came fourth in the 1990 Miss America Pageant.

Was a national merit scholar and graduated from Northwestern University.

Appeared on Jeopardy! Celebrity Invitational on Wednesday, April 29, 1998. Jeri played for St. Jude’s Hospital.

Graduated from Lone Oak High School in Paducah, Kentucky in 1986.

Was a member of Alpha Phi Sorority while at Northwestern University (Beta Chapter).

Named after her father.

Turned down a cameo in Star Trek: Nemesis (2002) because of her busy schedule on “Boston Public” (2000). The cameo was subsequently given to her “Star Trek: Voyager” (1995) cast mate, Kate Mulgrew.

Parents: Gerhard Florian “Jeri” and Sharon Zimmermann.

Sibling: Mark

Her ex-husband, Jack Ryan, was running for Senator in Illinois, but dropped out of the race when allegations in their divorce proceedings were made public. [2004]

Winner of the swimsuit competition in the 1990 Miss America Pageant

Ranked #65 in Stuff magazine’s “102 Sexiest Women In The World” (2002)

Bust size in 1989 – 36D

Has appeared in episodes of two different TV series titled “The Gift”: “Star Trek: Voyager: The Gift (#4.2)” (1997) and “Dilbert: The Gift (#2.1)” (1999).

Restaurant scenes in “Boston Legal: Spring Fever (#2.26)” (2006) were filmed in Ryan’s Los Angeles restaurant “Ortolan”.

Her husband, Christophe Eme, is a French chef who owns the restaurant Ortolan. Ortolan is located on Third Street in Los Angeles, California. The restaurant serves French food with a modern interpretation.

She and her husband Christophe Eme are expecting their first child a girl in March 2008.


Appeared in underwear along with Yasmine Bleeth, Alyssa Milano, Melissa Joan Hart, Garcelle Beauvais, Carmen Electra, Peta Wilson and Jamie Luner on the cover and inside the October 1997 issue of “Details” magazine.

Jeri and her husband, Christophe Eme, became the parents of a girl, Gisele Lynn Eme, on March 2, 2008 in Los Angeles. Gisele weighed in at 7lbs. 13oz.

Favourite tearjerker movie is E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial (1982). Has watched it several times and cried every time.

Her fans, like WWE wrestler Chris Jericho Irvine’s, call themselves “The Jeri-holics”.

After Jack Ryan dropped out of the 2004 Senate race, the election was won by Barack Obama.


Personal Quotes


He’s a good man and good father” – on her ex-husband Jack Ryan who is running for US Senator in Illinois

There are three things pageant women do. There’s the Vaseline thing, which I didn’t do. There’s duct-taping your boobs, which I never did because I’m not into pain. The third thing is using athletic spray adhesive on your butt to keep your swimsuit in place. I did do that. So one out of three ain’t bad.

On her Seven of Nine costume: “Initially, I would stay in the costume much longer than I ended up staying in it, because it takes about twenty minutes to get into. Someone has to dress me and undress me. It’s a production break if I have to get out of the costume to use the rest room or something. It grinds to a halt unless they can shoot something without me, which typically they can’t, if it’s a scene that I’m in. So, in the interest of being a team player, the first season, I would not take rest room breaks, I just didn’t drink anything on set, which is not the healthiest thing to do.”


When I started out on “Star Trek: Voyager” (1995), they had to tell me everything about “Star Trek”, because I knew nothing about it. I had never seen the original series, I had never seen “Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1987). I think I’d seen a couple of episodes here and there – of the original series, probably. Never seen “Voyager”. Didn’t know what a Borg was. They gave me a copy of Star Trek: First Contact (1996), the movie, so I could at least see what a Borg was. They also gave me a copy of the big Star Trek encyclopedia, whatever it is, so that I could bone up on my Star Trek knowledge. Fortunately, it sort of worked for the character that I wouldn’t know any of the back stories of the people on Voyager, because she was coming in cold, like I was. That was actually helpful as opposed to detrimental.



“Boston Public” (2000) $45,000 per episode.


Where Are They Now


(September 2005) Has joined the cast of “The O.C.” (2003) for seven episodes, playing the mysterious Charlotte Morgan.

(September 2006) Co-stars as District Attorney Jessica Devlin, in the CBS drama “Shark” (2006) — starring James Woods.

(September 2007) Announced she is pregnant with her and Christophe’s first child.


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